The Perfect Gift for your Friend with the Hamptons House: ck Calvin Klein Splendid Glam Mini Nail Enamel Collection

Gals, the days between Mem Day and Labor Day are filled with sun, fun, and sand… and ample opportunities to gift your friend with the Hamptons House with a lovely beauty present. It shows appreciation for her hospitality AND ensures you’ll garner a little baby invitation back. For this express purpose, I recommend the splendid glam mini nail enamel collection from ck Calvin Klein ($25).

The set boasts four long-lasting, chip-resistant bold-for-summer nail colors. Indigo Blue, Aqua Splash, and Heartbreaker will look phenom peeking out from a pair of strappy sandals and Hint of Pink will give your fingernails a sheer, glossy glaze.
Perhaps buy one for you and one to gift, no?

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