Jewels from J Crew

This weekend in Philly, I enjoyed a fun lunch and shopping trip with Daneen and her hilarious sister Lauren. Lauren, BT dubs, recommended a workout reg that I’m actually going to implement. It’s 30 minutes on the eliptical (not the kind that works arms) during which you do four minutes going forward and then four minutes backward on level two. After eight minutes, keep alternating directions, but step it up to level 3 and then level 4 until 30 minutes is up. THEN you do a Tae Bo workout (remember that?) for eight minutes. The gal’s in good shape and knows her stuff. I’m heeding her advice to buff up a bit for summer. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, OBV.

After our lunch at Cheesecake Factory (you know I love a chain), we headed to J Crew. While their clothing is not usually my style, I LOVE their classic pieces (white tees, black pencil skirts, cardigans) and especially enjoy their jewelry and hair accessories. Regarding the latter, I’ve never seen better tortoise-shell hair clips and headbands anywhere. Ever. I picked up their Crown Bangle, a supes gorge 12K gold-plated brass and hand-painted pink enamel boat-shaped beads and crystal stones. The color combo kills me SOFTLY. It’s $34 and is in stores, though it’s apparently sold out online. I think it would be TO DIE with an all grey outfit and some additional gold jewelry.

Have you done any recession sale shopping? Do tell in the comments.

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