Firm Belief

Tragically, when it comes to body firming creams, they either usually

A) plum don’t work at all, or
B) make a small difference in firmness/cellulite reduction but at the expense of hydration

I’ve tried Murad Body Firming Cream and am extremely pleased with the results. I was hesitant to pack it on a recent weekend trip to Montauk to stay with my friend A with my friends T and S. During a SER weekend of laying out, I knew I wanted to pack a good lotion. I anticipated getting a little baby bit burnt. So after showering on Saturday after a few hours on the beach, what a delight to find that this moisturizer delivered noticeably firmer skin (particularly in the thigh/butt area) AND my skin felt supple and soft without greasiness.

And you KNOW how I love a product designed by a professional derm. It’s the product equivalent of diagnosing potensh medical ailments on WebMD (when that happens you’re usually convinced the affliction is life-threatening when it’s really something like Eczema) vs. sucking it up and seeing a REAL doctor.

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