Fashion Week: BBJ Backstage at Adam

The finished look at Adam!

The fantastic Romy Soleimani worked with Fashion Week staple, MAC cosmetics to create the look for Adam at the tents today. The inspiration: A decidedly Japanese take on watercolors. “We used lots of pearls in layers,” explained Romy. “Lots of fuschia, teal, and violet brushed on the top of the lid in candyish hues.” Says Romy, “It’s very upbeat. It’s a time for creativity, in light of the current financial climate.” Just as with watercolor paintings, there were no strong lines. How can this be translated into a look you can wear for REALS in Fall 2009? Romy recommends using just one color element– and going pearl as opposed to matte, for softness.

Here are the products Romy used. Keep an eye out for them come Fall 2009!
Love Rock Blush, a candyish pink (check out the second photo from the top for a close-up of this GORGE blush)
Eye Shadow in Beautiful Wish (violet) swept lightly on the lid
Cornflower Blue Pigment “sheered on” for depth
Teal Pigment on the lower lid
Pencil in Tealo on the lower lashline
Lip Erase on lips, which does just what it sounds like it should: it produces a nude, neutralized pout.

Next, I headed on over to chat up Laurent Philipon who worked with Bumble and bumble

products to edumacate myself on the hair situation. The first thing I noticed? It’s utterly wearable. “There was no historical inspiration,” Laurent said. He at first planned to go for a retro ’40s look before deciding on low key “natural hair” with a light wave at the ends. He went with a center part, though without a “harsh line,” much in the spirit of the makeup. The hair was down, with a small amount of volume at the crown. “Not a ’60s kind of volume,” Laurent assured me. He simply backcombed a bit and sprayed with Bumble and bumble Does It All Hairspray for root lift. Laurent prepped hair initially with Bb Styling Lotion, which he says he uses in the same manner a makeup artist uses moisturizer. “It’s right for all types of hair,” he said in his French accent, which makes everything sound just that much more sophist. A curling iron was used to create the waves, after which, he finger combed them through to tousle them a bit. Right before the girls stepped onto the runway, Laurent smoothed a bit of Styling Wax onto their locks for a bit of separation.

Et voila!

Image credit: Beauty Blogging Junkie


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