Jenna Fischer’s Boho Look at The Golden Globes

Make up artist Brett Freedman played up The Office‘s Jenna Fischer‘s eyes with liner and a little “out of the box glam” for the usual subtle Jenna. It’s very “new post-New York Pam,” isn’t it? Her dress is one of my faves, though I usually don’t favor a pattern.

Brett used the following products:
Foundation: LORAC Oil Free Powder Foundation in #02 (light)
Loose Powder: * magic by Prescriptives in Deep Translucent. It has a gorgeous light reflective quality with a hint of bronze and photographs beautifully.
Concealer: Cle De Peau Concealer in Beige.
Blush: Almay Smart Shade Blush in Natural, topped with LORAC Oil Free Illuminating Powder in Luminous on apples of the cheeks.
Eyeshadow: RIMMEL Colour Rush Mono Eyeshadow in #330 Azure, applied wet and swept over lids and blended down to a sheer finish.
Liquid Liner: LANCOME Laque Liner in Pure Black. Applied a line across the top lash line, thickening and extending out and upward for a dramatic look.
Brow Highlight Shadow: LOREAL HiP pigment powder in Restless. Brett loves to have a bright, crisp browbone. This champagne hued shadow looks natural yet packs a punch.
Mascara: VANITYMARK ‘the LASH’ in Blackest. Three coats were applied to really amp up the top lashline. One full coat on the bottom to give eyes definition without overpowering the top lash line.
Faux Lashes: Kre-At Beauty individual lashes. A mix of the short (on the inner eye) and the long (for outer) in black were used to give an alluring sweep.
Body Bronzer: VANITYMARK Summerskin, applied first to ‘tone down’ the tawny shade so Jenna would have a healthy glow without being too tan.
Lips: BENEFIT Pocket Pal in Benetint.

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