BBJ Interviews LOST’s Head Makeup Artist, Emily Katz Part 1

Special treat, gals!

You know how I feel about LOST. Imagine my delight when the show’s MakeUp Department Supervisor, Emily Katz, agreed to an interview about all things beauty on my fave show. From now until the week leading up to the January 21st season five premiere, I’ll be posting the interview in installments.

Here’s the first juicy tidbit!

Beauty Blogging Junkie: Spill: what eyeliner IS Eyeliner Richard, a.k.a. Richard Alpert who is played by Nestor Carbonell wearing?

Emily Katz: Nestor Carbonell who plays Richard Alpert has no makeup on his eyes! He is of Cuban descent and is naturally blessed with the thickest set of lashes I have ever seen in my career. Women should envy him. It’s truly unbelievable; we have to try to diminish them ! And yet, he is the NICEST man as well.

Can you believe, gals? All this time, I’ve been referring to him as Eyeliner Richard – and dude’s not even wearing a touch of liner.

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Image credit: IMDB

3 Comments BBJ Interviews LOST’s Head Makeup Artist, Emily Katz Part 1

  1. JustMeWolfie

    Well, Emily Katz, is THE BEST make up designer and artist I have ever met in the business! EM, I just love you! Can’t wait to see you!!! Hugs-KK Wolf, Producer Wolf Entertainment.

  2. Amber

    Oh hell, doll! I had no idea I would get this kind of reaction. I guess the rationing is cruel. It’s a lot of info and I don’t think it makes sense to post all of it at once… but the next installments will indeed be longer. At least 3-4 Qs. How about that?

  3. Parisjasmal

    AAAAAHCCCCKKKK–that’s it? That is all you are giving?
    Why the cruel ration? I want more!!!!!
    Eyeliner Richard–hilar!
    I LOVE the name Nestor.
    I am looking forward to the rest…you little teaser!


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