Beauty And Fashion Dating Dos And Don’ts From Matchmaker Brooke Wise

Men continue to be a complete mystery to me, but so many beauty and fashion trends rage on despite men’s visceral abhorrence for them. Exhibit A, Manrepeller‘s successful platform, exhibit B, red lipstick is frequently on the list of makeup items to eschew on your first date in Cosmopolitan, exhibit C–Anthony Weiner wasn’t telling Sydney Leathers to sext a pic of her most walkable wedges. So I turned to matchmaker Brooke Wise of Wise Matchmaking, a former Wall Streeter with a knack for connecting people in the business and currently, in love. Says Wise, “Our happiest moments (ironically) are when we are forgotten because we have successfully connected two individuals and they start a life together.I hit her up with my burning questions about her favorite NYC beauty haunts, her top products and beauty and fashion tips for a first date.
Beauty Blogging Junkie: What are your top three favorite products?
Brooke Wise: Giorgio Armani ‘Eyes to Kill’ Mascara in black, Bliss Fabulips Softening Lip Balm and Bobbi Brown Caviar (cake liner as top-lash liner for your eyes). You can blend in for a smokey eye look, or make a fine line for a cleaner look.

BBJ: What are your top three favorite beauty tips?
BW: In the words of the immortal Audrey Hepburn, “the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.” My first tip is to smile. I am a big fan of Colgate Optic White toothpaste, which brightens your teeth. Wear lip gloss or lipstick (reapply when necessary). It accentuates your lips and smile. Play up your eyes, as eye contact is critical. Use mascara and shadows that highlight your eyes and bring out the color (and yes, brown eyes are beautiful). Also, eye makeup makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. We want him to get lost in those beautiful eyes.

BBJ: As a matchmaker, what’s your take on the long hair versus short hair man preference? Have you noticed that they favor one? Or does it come down to personality, personal preference, etc.
BW: Our vote is for long hair versus short hair. The vast majority of men seem to prefer longer hair, but then again, look at Michelle Williams. She throws preferences out the window… stunning.

BBJ: What are your go-to salons/stylists/aestheticians in NYC?
BW:My go-to salon for hair is Frederic Fekkai. Elie Camoro is our recommendation. He was actually mentored and trained by Frederic himself, so I trust him 100% with all of our clients’ hair. He has a way of making every woman feel more beautiful when she leaves his chair. He gives the best cut in town!

For brows, I recommend Miranda at Tenoverten salon in Tribeca. She has done several celebrities and is extremely talented. We all know how hard it is to find a good eyebrows specialist in NY! Miranda is brilliant at taking one’s face shape and matching their brows to their face.

Jason Ascher is the makeup guru at Barney’s–we swear by him! Jason sorts through your makeup bag and advises on the right colors for skin tones, hair color, etc. He never overdoes your makeup–he aims to make you look like your better self. Additionally, he can help you with an easy day look (for work) and a great night look (for dates). He also will show you how to apply the makeup, which is as important as having the right products.

BBJ: What is the worst beauty disaster you’ve seen thus far?
BW: I am going to go with lipstick on the teeth! Be careful, ladies.

BBJ: What’s your favorite recommended date look (fashion and beauty)?
BW: I advise our clients to look classy and sexy. Show a little cleavage and showcase your femininity, but do not overdo it. I want my clients to feel comfortable on their dates, so wear something that you feel flatters your figure and helps you put your best foot forward. Men pick up on confidence quickly. If my clients look and feel good–confidence is seeping through their pores and the world will fall in love with them.

Regarding first-date outfits, I think that it depends on where the first date will be and the weather, but I think that either a dress or jeans and cute top is appropriate. For dresses, Rebecca Taylor has some great feminine styles — I think that neckline is very important! Not too high and not too low either. Neckline also plays a big part with the body type. For smaller-chested women, a higher neckline is fine but for larger chested women, they should pick an appropriate style and not too low-cut. Other dress brands include Tibi, Parker, Twelfth Street Cynthia Vincent.

In terms of colors to wear, I think that black is always good (and slimming), but I do love colors that are complimentary to your skin tone. Prints and florals are okay, but more subtle ones probably work best for a first date.

For denim, again, it depends on the body type, but I like J Brand’s clean washes. Also, Rag and Bone is great and fits well. I like clean back pockets so as not to attract too much attention to the bottom. I like all of the above brands for cute silk tops (or other brands with similar aesthetic).

For shoes — if the jean is covering the shoe, I like wedges because they give a little height without feeling uncomfortable. If it’s a dress or skirt, a medium size heel works well. I would say in general to stay away from super high platforms and flats on a first date.

The most important thing is that you feel great and secure in whatever you select to wear — that really makes all the difference! If you feel good and comfortable in your selection, it will shine through on the date. I always like a small-ish handbag with a strap so it isn’t awkward to carry around a clutch all night and find a place for it. Keep it simple so you can focus in on the date (and not the small things that are getting in the way!). In terms of styling, our Director of Matching, Jessica, is always helpful with our clients and has a great sense of style. In terms of beauty- play up your eyes and add color to your lips. Lips and eyes are essential!

Thanks, Brooke! You can sign up for her matchmaking services or a complimentary consultation at

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