Estee Lauder Reception

Dolls, yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a reception on the executive floor and meet so many of the company’s senior executives, including Leonard and William Lauder and THE queen of neutrals herself, Bobbi Brown. I spoke to Bobbi for a minute to tell her I how much I ADORE her Long-Wearing Gel Eye Liner and she told me the story of how she created it. She happened to be invited to a last minute event and had no makeup on her other than a mascara and a lipstick. In a swift stroke of GEN (genius), she applied a bit of mascara along the lashline with the end of the brush AS eyeliner. And voila, gel liner was born. The idea has been repackaged by many other brands, but Bobbi’s remains the best I’ve ever tried. It stayed on for three days straight when took a hiking trip to Israel which included, much to my surprise and dismay, very little primp time.

Then, we got a tour of Estee Lauder’s GORGEOUSLY retro-girly office, which is exactly as she left it. Check it:

Estee had her own REAL FRAMED photo of Grace Kelly. They were friends. Can you even?

Some of Estee’s various photos and awards.

That’s yours truly, sitting in ESTEE’S CHAIR AT ESTEE’S DESK!


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  1. Anonymous

    everyone has the gel liner. I personally like the Clinique one better as the container itself doesn’t try out as fast


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