5 Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

5-tricks-to-make-your-eyes-look-bigger-1-size-3A dazzling gaze is ultra glamorous, and achieving the prettiest peepers possible has been one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets for years. Until now! One of the oldest tricks of the trade is to use color and contrast to make starlets’ eyes look bigger. What they don’t tell you is that it’s surprisingly simple to replicate with the right products and techniques. Here’s how to do it in just five easy steps.

1. A Clean Slate
Begin with a clean slate by swiping your lids thoroughly with a cotton pad soaked with makeup remover. Be sure to remove all traces of leftover liner, shadow and mascara.

2. Prime Time
To ensure your look stays put, a lid primer is a must. Too many people skip this step and regret it later when they discover raccoon eyes midevening. Using a small shadow brush, apply a thin layer of primer in a shade matching your skin tone and let it dry a minute before the next step. If you don’t have a primer, cream eyeshadow or liquid foundation work well in a pinch.

3. Crease Contours
Apply a shimmering beige shade like CoverGirl SmokyShadowBlast in Bronze Fire (the lighter end) all over the lid nearly to the brow, but not quite. Then, take a small, fluffy shadow brush and blend. Blending softens any harsh lines and enhances your eye area — this is essential for creating the illusion of bigger eyes. Next, apply a little of the bronze end (the darker hue) in the crease and blend it down toward the lashline. This trick will achieve the classic, old Hollywood look.

4. Perfect Cat-Eye Trick
The cat-eye makeup look is always in, and for a reason: It creates the illusion of larger eyes. To perfect the cat-eye effect, gently tauten your top eyelid to create a smooth surface for your eyeliner application. Then, apply CoverGirl Ink It! By Perfect Point Plusin Cocoa Ink along your upper lashline, creating a thinner line at the inner lid and gradually getting thicker toward the outer lid. Make sure the line is tapered perfectly by using a pointed cotton swab dipped in a small amount of makeup remover to make minor fixes and perfect your look.

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