Glow-y Days Week: Prescriptives Sunsheen

I adore Prescriptives Sunsheen because it contains SPF 15 – perf for afternoons at the beach when you want a tan, but well – not enough to look like a leather bag. This one will develops into a believable shade by dinnertime. I find the formula is most similar to Darphin Self Tanning Face and Body Tinted Cream – great texture, great creamy caramel color, nice, easy, tinted formula so you won’t channel George Hamilton unwittingly. Fab for the body as well, but I especially love to use this oil-free tinted gem on my face. It holds up well when applied twice a week. Your streak-free tan will develop in three hours and won’t stain your sheets. I love that it’s glitter/sparkle free – who needs that on your face? Not you!

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