You’re So Vain.

I’ve been looking for a vanity table (they’re surprisingly difficult to find!) and I’ve finally identified THE VANITY TABLE. It has ample drawer space and has SO many mirrors. It’s from PB Teen, of all places! The bad news? It’s SO VERY out of my price range ($1,150, including shipping.) Sigh.

6 Comments You’re So Vain.

  1. One Blondes Ramblings

    Me too =( I love this vintage style sooo much, why does everything we love always have to be so damn expensive =( lol
    Plus i was about to put it on my amazon wish list anyway, only to find that because it is a teen, the legroom is in fact much smaller, i would barely fit under it.. =(

  2. Tamron Lohan

    OMG! i got the most wonderful white wicker vanity for my birthday when i was like 13 or something. it’s still in my parents’ house. this one beats all though. effing teenagers do NOT deserve this lovely, luxey piece! teenagers — screw ’em!

  3. Tiffany

    I used the antonius system (all the product names at ikea crack me up). So I got the frame and 4 drawers for one end, and 2 silver legs for the other end, and a dark wood top to connect the 2. Hard to explain but it’s basically a desk with 4 white fabric drawers, and the drawers are really deep so I managed to get a lot of stuff in there!

  4. Tiffany

    That’s so funny – I was recently searching online for a vanity as well, and also fell in love with that one. And also nearly fainted when I saw the price tag. I ended up creating a vanity with stuff from ikea, it’s working well so far and only cost 60 bucks!


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