Champagne, Chandeliers and Charmingly Choice Blonde Cheveux at Chris Chase

So after a year and a half of embracing my natural color (dark dirty blonde), I realized that the minute my realness had finally infiltrated each strand and this long winter without a single vaca had rendered it COMPLETELY devoid of lightness, I desperately needed to be blonde again. DESPERATELY. It was fun to switch it up and my hair thanked me for improving its health, and my finances rejoiced from being released from the burden of thrice-a-year partials, but let’s be real. The money I invest in highlights I get back in free drinks. REALLY. It’s not the case for everyone. I have friends who are GORGE as brunettes. Angelina Jolie is a prime example of a gal who loses all allure as a blonde. But I’m not one of these people. There’s a direct relationship between my flirting capabilities, my happiness and the color of my hair. I’d heard about the fantastic Shane at the Chris Chase Salon in Chelsea and made an appointment for the next DAY.

Who’s Chris Chase, you ask? No one. It’s a made-up name by the owners of former West Village salon, Robert Kree. Does this not amuse you to no end as it does me? The salon is GORGEOUS. Sophisticated aubergine walls surround a dramatic chandelier. Lots of mirrors (just the way I like it), white floors and clear plastic chairs abound. The best part? You’re offered champagne (or wine if you choose) the minute you walk in. So you can sip champagne whilst your strands are being transformed into a champagne HUE. What’s better than that?

Shane is, BTW, phenom. We discussed some buttery highlights veering toward the golden, and he got to work. I’m loving the results. My eyes are more vibrant somehow and the blowout looks great. He introduced me to Shu Ueumura Fiber Lift Protective Volumizer that looks like a gel but thickens and lifts roots like a dream. I can’t wait to return to Shane in a few months!

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