How to Create a Perfectly Primed Face

A few extra products smoothed on underneath your regularly scheduled cosmetics can keep your foundation, eye shadow, blush and lipstick going strong for hours on end. But with so many makeup primers on the market, how do you know which ones you really need, and which will be best for your skin? Here’s a roundup of four must-have priming products that will keep your look intact and your skin at its best.
1. Face Primer
Facial primers create a grippy — yet smooth and not at all coarse— texture to set and keep your foundation in place. They also help fill in lines and wrinkles without creating obvious creases.

2. Eye Cream and Concealer

A well-hydrated eye area looks fresh, young and will keep your smokey eye locked in place and smoked to perfection all night. To moisturize and treat any redness or discoloration on the eyelid, I love CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer. It’s an eye cream and concealer in one.

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