So Blanche Devereaux: Estee Lauder Golden Alligator Compact

Tuesday night was kind of epic, friends.

It started with a Molton Brown event (it was PHENOM – I’ll be reporting back on my finds from that within the next week or so) followed by the Dove dinner and then a party at Justin Timberlake’s restaurant, Southern Hospitality, for the launch of mag Southern Beauty. The Southern Beauty gift bag included an Estee Lauder Golden Alligator Compact ($32). Upon sorting through the bag with me, Dina, hilariously confessed that she is an old lady and ADORES a metal compact.

Well, call me Ethel, because it seems that my inner old lady can’t part with mine, despite the fact that I don’t even wear powder. I kept trying to make myself give it to someone who will USE it (other than for its mirror), but I plum cannot. I cannot give it away. I love it. I think it’s the most gorgeous thing since the gondola, to quote my lifestyle inspiration, Diana Vreeland.

What can I say? Pulling it out of my purse just makes me feel like I’ve entered a different tax bracket. My inner Bunny MacDougal applauds each time.

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