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Get your mind out of the gutter, dolls. O, as in the O on the periodic table. The chemical symbol for oxygen.

I’m wildly impressed by every single philosophy product I’ve tried. Creator/founder Cristina Carlino was most concerned with helping women achieve fantastic skin that looks good enough to go makeup-free. Her products aren’t even ADVERTISED (kind of like another successful company: Krispy Kreme) but absolutely fly off the shelves at Sephora. The skincare products contain the highest concentration of retinol and Vitamin C you can buy over the counter. But what most impresses me about Cristina is the fact that she comes up with the poems and mini inspirational language that graces the product line’s bottles and boxes. I lurve a girl who uses both sides of her brain.

philosophy’s the oxygen peel ($50) is nothing short of phenom. It’s a two-step skin rejuvenation treatment for problem skin. It positively drowns the skin in oxygen while exfoliating, smoothing and hydrating the skin. Other benefits include relieving congested and blocked pores, diminishing fine lines, and minimizing the appearance of large pores. After the three-minute procedure, skin looks noticeably brighter and feels baby soft. Fabulous for use before a big event.

Karin Herzog’s Oxygen Face Cream for morning and night ($36) contains 2% oxygen. It’s an antibactarial cream that normalizes and regulates excessively oily and problematic skin.This stuff is swiftly absorbed and feels divine on skin. It simply breathes better once applied. I slather some on my entire face and neck real estate each morning. Karin makes several other products worth trying as well. The complexion perfection achieved with this cream is so singularly Swiss, Karin’s country of origin. All her products are made in Switzerland, not tested on animals, and hypo-allergenic.

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