Smoky Eyes for Dummies

I’d venture to guess that EVERY beauty blogger and beauty editor winds up fielding dermatological questions and acting as a makeup artist SEVERAL times during her lifestyle. I lived with 6 other girls for 3 years while I was in college and every time we went out, at least 3 of them were huddled in my TINY room, waiting for a makeover with my extensive collection. Thus, we all looked exactly the same each year, depending on what look I was into at that time. There was the I Love Purple Eyeshadow with Red Clothing Period (1999-2000), the Britney Spears Period (2000-2001)and lastly, the Smoky Eyes Period (2002).

I only wish I’d had this kit while having to create 4 sets of smoky eyes each night. It allows you to create perfect eyes every time. Choose from a smoky eye, cat eye, or a simple line accenting your lashes. These stencils rock. the. funk. Each kit comes with everything you need from stencils to brush to shadows. Also included are step-by-step instructions.

Former 17 Reedsdale Street residents, are you listening? Now you can do it your damn selves! Get in Line comes in two colors: light for fair to medium complexions and dark for medium to dark complexions. Get it here for $36.

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