Embrace Your Inner Lovie Howell

Confession: When it comes to packing, I’m way more Lovie Howell than Mary Ann. I have an enormous beauty products bag that hangs in which I pack everything non-makeup oriented for travel. My contact lens paraphernalia, toothbrush set, shampoo and conditioner, etc. I then bring an enormous bag full of makeup. When there’s a black tie event involved, I like to bring every single cosmetic I think I may possibly use in a world. As I mentioned before, more often than not, I need to include cosmetics for whoever is sharing my room. There’s always a “will you line my eyes?” moment. But to find all of my stuff in one bag is a nightmare.

Enter Sephora’s gorge Hanging Bag. This is a durable (and adorable!) hangable bag covered in a slick pink, green, and white striped material. I’m not normally a prep… but this bag makes me want to pack it up and take it to Khaki and Pearls Country, as my friend Jammahs calls DC. In fact, I will be doing exactly that come the end of June for my friend Bonnie’s wedding.

For $48, you get zippered compartments, a mirror, and two removable makeup bags that attach with velcro. Genius, genius, genius.

Photo Credit: sephora.com

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