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This weather sucks, n’est-ce pas? For me, rainy weather + running late = a curly hair day. I was especially excited today to try out my new Curls Like Us Curl Cloth. I’d never used any kind of towel to dry my hair when I wear it curly, period. I used to apply gel to my hair while it was wet, and then I’d blow dry it with a diffuser. This time, I followed the Curls Like Us directions that came with my new hair towel. Check it below.

How is the Curl Cloth™ used?

After conditioning hair, while still in the shower, lean forward and tilt head to the side. Gently shake head and carefully loosen curls at the roots with fingertips. Using the desired amount of your favorite curl-friendly gel [my fave is Ouidad Tress FX], diligently scrunch product upward into hair, releasing excess water as you go. Continue until gel is evenly distributed. If hair is tangled, gently finger rake the product through hair, being careful not to over do it, disturbing the curls natural pattern. Lastly, insert hands into both ends of the Curl Cloth™. Scrunch hair upward towards the roots, removing excess moisture from hair while rotating the Curl Cloth™ in your hands. Allow hair to air-dry or diffuse, if preferred.

It was hard for me to get used to using a towel on hair that has been coated with product (I like to keep my towels a bit pristine, is that weird?) but I found that my curls are more intact and dried more quickly, as the Curl Cloth gently wicked much of the moisture from my hair. Also, blotting gelled hair with a towel was recommended to me when I was at the Ouidad Salon. I found that it helps to break up that crunchiness and more evenly distributes the product. $24 buys you a set of two! Get it here.

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