"Dune" it Well

Remember I told you how much I adore Guerlain Tan Booster? But you know I don’t enjoy a powder, so I’ve been on a quest for a cream bronzer substitute in the SAME exact light tan color as my beloved Guerlain bronzer and I’ve found the perfect thing. Prescriptives’ TechnoTropics Collection for Spring 2008 includes a product called Blush More or Less $21.50 in Nantucket Dune. This stuff is perfection in a compact. I’ll still use my Guerlain when I actually have a real tan (like, 2 months out of the year because I’m the fairest of them all!) and on my arms and décolletage (it’s DIVINE for that). But on my face in the meantime, it’s Nantucket Dune all the way.

It’s packaged in a small silver-toned compact for easy portability, and blends effortlessly to give cheeks a hint of buildable color. It comes in three other colors as well: Corsica Hibiscus (limited edition), Pink Sand and Thai Orchid (limited edition). You know I love an LEI (limited edition item), but this time, I’m actually glad Nantucket Dune isn’t a limited edition item as I’d suffer SEVERE separation anxiety should I not be able to replace it once I run out. I feel very Caitlin from Summer Sisters with it on. The book took place in Martha’s Vineyard, but Nantucket is close enough, right? An abundance of Madras plaid exists in both places.

In other cinematic news, I think I may have to see Definitely, Maybe with Ryan Reynolds on opening day. I secretly really enjoy him. What do you think?

Photo credit: ebay

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