"If you Wanna be Taken Seriously, you Need Serious Hair."

I was watching Cashmere Mafia last night (I kind of love it, although the lesbian plot twist is pretty unconvincing), and I almost died when I realized that Zoe Burden works as some kind of high powered woman on Wall Street in the same building (7 WTC) where I work! I feel very “mind for business and body for sin” right now. Except I don’t decorate my body with shoulder pads as Tess did in Working Girl. A bit of trivia: Working Girl was also filmed in the former pre 9/11 7 WTC.

How do I achieve serious hair? Well it’s been difficult the past couple of days due to the serious precipitation. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm has made it much easier. I apply this apple-scented balm to nearly air-dried hair before straightening with my round brush and blowdryer. Its humidity-resistant formula provides incredible memory which locks in smooth hair in all climates. It includes an exclusive ingrediant called Super Skinny® Complex which displaces water for reduced dry time and speedy styling. $15.95 for 6.8 oz. To locate a salon to buy Super Skinny Relaxing Balm, call 1-800-321-JPMS or visit www.paulmitchell.com.

Photo credit: paulmitchell.com

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