New York Look

Not to be confused with their Look Book; New York Look is a new spin off of New York magazine with a fashion sense all its own. It chronicles Fashion Week events with gusto – this is a magazine to devour, not just taste.

If you’ve ever attended Fashion Week or bloghop to hear all about the runway shows and the trends that emerge, this magazine is for you. New York Look provides you an insider’s view backstage, front row and even atop the runway. Emerging trends, classics and unique pieces are featured side by side throughout the pages in gorge colors that keep you turning pages. The photos are especially phenomenal.

Tragically, it’s only published only twice a year; I already cannot wait to get my next issue. If you weren’t obsessed with Fashion Week before, you will be now.

Find it on online at, but believe me–you’ll want the print version as well.


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