Get Ready for Favorite Things 2007

Blogdorf Goodman is organizing the annual Favorite Things extravaganza again! This is not to be missed. But in case you did last year, here's a link Continue Reading [...]

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  1. kara

    just had to comment (i’m like your online stalker, huh?) when i read your 100 Things list and saw that you mentioned Summer Sisters! omg i love love LOVE love LOVE that book! i read the whole thing in one night, staying up until 6 am to finish it. i loved it that much. don’t you want to be Caitlin and live her charmed and hugely fucked up life?! i love glam crazy girls!!!!! do you know what books are really fun, not like books you get really involved in and love forever but just good clean fluff fun? the sophie kinsella shopaholic series. such a good guilty pleasure read.


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