Above: Orlando styling a model’s hair.

Guys, today was one of the best days of my LIFESTYLE. You KNOW how I feel about Orlando Pita. Check out number 73 on this list. Tonight, it HAPPENED. Tragically, I had no event to attend as I had to do some freelance work and there weren’t any good plans going on this eve. I know, it’s really sad. I mean, if I were in a semi-serious relash with a dude… I’d have considered eloping tonight just because Orlando Pita had styled my hair – and I’m so not that girl with a case of barbie hand. AND he did it FOR FREE, not the $800 he normally charges for a cut/style sesh. The fabulous Milli, who does PR for T3 (you know how phenomenal I find their Evolution blow dryer, T3 Twirl curling iron, and the Duality Iron (Medium), informed me that O himself would be styling hair from 4-7pm tonight at Henri Bendel on the second floor. He was doing so to promote his new products he created in conjunction with T3 called Boost and Plump. I naturally made it my BIZ to get there and get my hair did by O himself. In the flesh. I learned that he not only does sublime work, he’s also an unbelievably humble, darling man. We discussed his background (he moved from Cuba with his fam at age 4 to New Jersey), talked about how we adore ALL products in general and enjoy learning about the chemical structure responsible for the “potions” we love, dished about fashion week and his fave designers to work with.

Here’s a pic of the hair (post subway ride to the UWS, so somewhat windblown, but you get the idea):

Here’s a pic of the UBER-VOLUMINOUS back:

And here’s a better pic (although still a bit windblown) from the front at Dana’s apartment:

I then went to dinner with my friend Dana on the UWS where we discussed Orlando ad nauseum and she pointed out that I should probably plan my non-existent-at-the-moment wedding to Mr. Invisible, Esq (I usually date lawyers, not sure why… they are good in a debate, which I probably value more than necessary) around Orlando’s openings in his schedule. Which sounds nuts because I’ve never so much as nailed down a single wedding detail thus far–but I’m SO doing that. I don’t care if it’s 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon in February. If O’s free, that’s when it’ll be. I’d gladly drop $800 to experience the miracle that is voluminous glossiness he readily produces. I’d go budget on the dress in a SECOND if it meant that ORLANDO could do my hair.

Oh, AND. He told me I look like AMANDA FROM UGLY BETTY. Best day of my life. Done. I informed him that I hoped I’d run into every single ex boyfriend of mine this city houses on my way home. Of course that didn’t happen, but know what? I don’t care because my hair is gorgeous.

Is it POSSIBLE in a world in which we live to fossilize a hairdo? Because if it is, I’m doing it. I think the first step is a sponge bath. It had better not rain until Friday.


  1. kara

    omg robyn lively of one of my all-time fave movies (how about that tongue kissing scene?! raciness!) is the sister of blake lively of one of my kind of for-right-now favorite tv shows!?!? i f*cking LOVE teen witch! did you guys know her uber scary and hideously creepy brother Richie in that movie that’s reading her diary under her bed is also in a really cool movie called Near Dark? i find him utterly disturbing.

  2. Fabulista


    Thanks, that’s so kind of you to say. Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I was actually HAPPY. That event lifted my mood like you wouldn’t believe! Happy holidays to you!

    Parisjasmal –
    I LOVE BLAKE LIVELY! I even love Robyn Lively (of Teen Witch whom I think you channel – remember?). That is like, the second best compliment I’ve ever had and it’s within a 24 hour period (the first being the Orlando Amanda comment). Excuse me whilst I go to Duane Reade and purchase Men’s Health IMMED. I can’t wait. Dying laughing re: loins.

    Lovely day to you!


  3. Parisjasmal

    WOW–that is so awesome Fab!
    “FOSSILIZE A HAIRDO”–hilarious.

    You look gorgeous (Ahem- you look like Blake Lively on the cover of Lucky) with your big curls and your beloved volume at the root!

    I am only sad you did not have some faboo event to attend.

    I am happy to hear that Orlando is a lovely man. Oh and have you seen the new Mens Health magazine? Jim Halpert nay John Krasinski is gracing the front and warming my loins–oops I mean my heart…WARMING MY HEART …yes, my heart.


  4. Anonymous

    I haven’t been reading your blog that long but I’m super glad you got him to do your hair. I know the preceding weeks have been hard for you and this most likely a step in moving on.

    So happy for you!


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