Sweater Tights and Stu Girls

I just have to report that I bought a pair of sweater tights that I’m debuting today and I LOVE them. They’re so warm and so cute. Purchase some immediately if not sooner.

In other news, I was horrified to find out that my friend Z was talking to a girl who is so stu, she actually sent him this text in reference to his request that they meet up for post-work drinks:
“I don’t know about post work, but I’m free after work!”


P.S. Anyone have beauty questions? I feel like channeling E.Jean Carroll, advice columnist for ELLE magazine, whom I totally adore and want to BE. I haven’t answered a Q (on the blog) since June! Fire away. Go.

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  1. Anonymous

    With the change in weather I feel like my skin is peeling right off my face (and halfway through the day at work I see that it actually is peeling!). What is a good hearty mosturizer I can use, preferably with spf in it?


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