Four Things

I can’t organize my thoughts today. It’s bullet time.

*If you’re not reading everything Cintra Wilson writes for the New York Times, I don’t understand what you’re doing. She is the most fabulous fashion writer I have read thus far.

*As much as I love an opportunity to rock false eyelashes, I refrained from participating in the Slut Olympics this year (Halloween). I just couldn’t stomach another year of “sexy referees”, “tarty cats” and “vomitatiously voluptuous vampires”. I spent the weekend at my parents’ house outside of Philadelphia and forgot the whole event was even happening. It was delightful.

*I scored a ride back to NYC with my friend Sandra and her parents, who happened to be visiting Sandra’s brother in law’s family at a bris. Yes, I totally crashed a bris to get a ride home. Is that hilar or what?

*This vocab game which donates rice through the UN to help fight world hunger is super fun, helps the hungry, and is wildly addictive.

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