File Under "What’s in Elle Woods’ Suitcase?"

Ladies, meet the T3 Bespoke Labs Pink Overnight Dryer.

If Elle Woods were to travel for business, this is absolutely what she’d bring to dry her hair. This light, portable dryer fits the same straightening attachment and diffuser as the T3 Evolution. It also boasts a swivel handle that sleekly allows it to fold up to half its size. Carry it away in the deluxe, reinforced Overnight carry case.

More features:

*Two speed/heat settings.

*1200 watts with results on a par to other T3 dryers, while outperforming **conventional travel dryers.

*Suitable all over the world; dual voltage: 110v or 220v.

*Professional-length swivel cord (10 feet); removable chain strap.

Exclusive pink carrying case included, large enough to hold the Overnight with brush or comb set (available only at Nordstrom).

*Four-year warranty.

Buy it for $130 at

I toted mine along to my salon in PA for use after my hairline highlights. I am trying to nurse my formerly fried hair back to health while discovering my natural hair color. Not only are hairline highlights very inexpensive ($55 for Delores at Jean Madeline in the Plymouth Meeting, PA location), but they require such little maintenance. I go for a touch up every 3 months or so. Can you believe how LM (low maintenance) I am? I blow out my own hair afterward, but no longer have the patience to use “pedestrian” dryers, i.e., any dryer other than one produced by T3, so I bring my own!

P.S. GO SOX!!!

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