Just Caviar me and Adorn me with Italian Leather. Is That too much to Ask?

I know, CAVIAR? In your SHAMPOO? It sounds decadent as hell, but I assure you, it delivers. I have to add that this is the second zero-sulphate/salt-free Continue Reading [...]

6 Comments Just Caviar me and Adorn me with Italian Leather. Is That too much to Ask?

  1. Tramrak

    i actually won the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Volume Shampoo, Conditioner, and Polishing Serum from a contest on a beauty blog (score!) but haven’t tried the shampoo or conditioner because the last thing i need is volume. the serum, however, is HEAVENLY and i would definitely rec it to anyone who wants soft, silky hair. MUCH better than your standard issue Frizz Ease :D

  2. fabulista1

    Lizy – Check the abro site, there’s another pic of the girl’s boots. They’re ama. LOVE her dress. I covet it, even.

    L – I am LOVING the warehouse news! Tell Rita to purchase me some caviar shampoo! I’ll mail her a check! Just not until post vaca, when I’m no longer living on soup. Thanks. Sad news about Red Alterna. You never know. I’m not in love with the hemp shampoo, although the serum is good.

  3. Lauren

    i’ve used the alterna shampoo that comes in the red bottle. and the condish. i was underwhelmed. dont you hate when that happens? esp for like $50-80 a bottle. oh and ps, theres a warehouse in miami that carries every shampoo ever, including everything alterna. i can ask rita the name and you can order from them. done.

  4. fabulista1

    Thanks, L! I remember only Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle info. And that they went in that order b/c I used the acronym SPA to remember it. I knew I’d never forget SPA. Once they got into Epicurious and those other dudes, I was over it. Can you believe we NEVER went to that class? Who did we think we WERE.

  5. Anonymous

    I am infinitely impressed that after attending only 2 philosophy classes in undergrad, you have quoted Socrates. Snaps to you!


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