"Tonight’s the Night with Robbie!" Makeup

“Oh, hey, LISA…”

So my friend Kelly from Denver invented this sultry combo and I think it would just be PERFECT makeup for one spesh night with your beau. Kelly rocked it at my friend L’s wedding last month and it looked so phenom, I requested that she email me the components of it immediately if not sooner. Here it is:

Lid – Laura Mercier Eye Shimmer in Antique Gold
Browbone – MAC Shroom eye shadow
Eye Liner – Laura Mercier Eye Liner (cake formula) in Bleu Marine applied with a long flat eye liner Brush – Wet brush, apply like normal eyeliner and then on the inside near the lashes on the top and bottom. Be sure to pack some Q tips in your clutch for eye crispies.

Pictured above is Laura Mercier cake eye liner in bleu marine, photo credits: lauramercier.com

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