The Meredith Factor

I’ve never said this out loud before, but I LOATHE Meredith Grey. I think she’s one of the most irritating characters on television. I so vastly prefer… every single other character on the show. Izzy rocks the funk, as does Christina, as does Addison Montgomery. My friend S and I discussed this via email at length recently, and she fully agrees. Her mother even nailed it on the head: Meredith is a totally weak person. Then, my friends D, L and J analyzed the hell out of the situation at dinner the other night. The thing is, Meredith is a well-written character, just not a particularly complex one. She’s like a lot of people I know. And conveniently, the people I know who are reminiscent of her ADORE HER. They do everything “Meredith” does. They are are obsessed with her hair, her makeup, her pouty faces, her boring V-neck sweaters and the fact that she’s dating an oh-so-eligible (in THEIR opinion) BRAIN SURGEON.

Oh and PS. Not to generalize (by which I mean I totally will) but every single Meredith-ite has a serious case of Barbie hand. Have I explained Barbie hand in this forum before? You know how Barbie’s hand is complete with a hole on her left ring finger for a ring from Ken? Well I know several girls who are so consumed with the idea of marriage that there may as well be a hole in their own hands. Every move they make career, friendship, and dating-wise is with the end goal of becoming Mrs. Somebody. Some people are practically BORN with Barbie hand. But I digress. So these Meredith-ites are draping themselves in boring solid sweaters, wearing unflattering makeup colors and purchasing every lip plumper in the world to have Meredith lips whilst using one of her cute-isms, like “dark and twisty”. Which I so DON’T find cute.

GROW a pair, Meredith. I understand you have dad issues, and your mother is abominable, and that adds an almost interesting layer to your persona. But the way you are with men is just vomitatious. I was so rooting for you to get blown up by the bomb. And then to choose the vet, since apparantly, you have to exist on the show with your name (why wasn’t it named Izzy’s Anatomy?). And THEN for you to drown, since you’re such a weak character you tried to commit suicide. UGH. Anyone else over Meredith? Feel FREE to comment.

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