Kate, the Ultimate Katie Girl

I could not be happier for my girl Kate. And BTW, I apologize for the lateness of this post, if you don’t think I found out about the Kate/Chris split the second the news broke on Monday, then you don’t know me at all. Kate is my ultimate fave, I not so secretly base many of my outfits, hairstyles, and general lifestyle on those of La Hudson. And? Have you SEEN You, Me and Dupree? Like you’re gonna continue to be married to a guy who looks like THAT when you can rock a bathing suit/bling combo with the best hair and rockingest bod I’ve seen on a human being, ever.

P.S. I adore Owen Wilson and am so happy he was able to lock it up with Kate. I have a feeling things are looking up even for Ryder Russell…somehow, I’d bet that that hair was more of a “like father, like son” decision made by the Jesus lookalike.

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