Be a Marilyn, Not a Jackie.

In all aspects of life. My enorm ceramic round brush BROKE mid-blow dry this weekend and as such, I was forced to purchase a new one. So I went to this beauty supply store downtown in the Financial District near work yesterday to choose a new one and they plum didn’t have the same kind I used to use, nor did they have an ENORMOUS one as I require. This upset me very, very much. THEN, I noticed that they carry the Marilyn brush, which I’d seen my stylist, Amy use on me before (and obv, I was quite pleased with the results). I mean, if it’s good enough for AMY to use instead of her trusty Mason Pearson, it’s good enough for ME. So anyway, I am kind of nervous though, because, while I’m a beauty blogging junkie, that doesn’t necessarily mean this new brush is going to work as well for me as it does for someone who took classes in how to blowdry. Was I ever wrong. This brush is PHENOM. You don’t have to wind. I KNOW! You can’t even BELIEVE it. All you have to do is pull it through your hair a 1/4 of the way around the brush and it holds and pulls it perfectly taut so that you can dry your hair. It’s GREAT. My hair looks so fantastic, my coworker actually commented on it. Each has a ceramic barrel (great for protecting color-treated hair) and has the most fantab “Marilyn” hourglass shape. What’s more fun than that? A brush shaped like YOU. Love it.

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