Never A Dull Moment

Although I originally bought it in high school, it warrants a review, guys.

It’s not Saturday unless I’ve scrubbed with Origin’s Never a Dull Moment, a small-grained facial scrub derived from papaya, apricot and mango seeds. I like to wash with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (It’s like I promote that more than Mandy Moore circa 1999, right?), then apply a medium layer of the scrub, let it stay on for about 3 minutes and then rinse off with a damp washcloth for additional exfoliating potential. I just picked up my 5th or 6th jar from the Estee Lauder Company Store. It’s rare that I am that loyal to a product, but seriously, I haven’t encountered anything that tops this. It’s a higher-end version of St. Ives (also pretty good, and I’ll provide a review soon) that absolutely delivers at about $23 dollars for a jar that should last at least a year.

Never a dull moment: it’s true in beauty and it’s true in life. As my should-be mentor E.Jean Carroll would say, “Look through your house, your office and your closets and throw out all the bad people.” Make 2007 the year you stop wasting your precious time talking and hanging out with plague-people who drain you of your own fabulosity, history be damned.

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