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I had the opportunity to take in a film of pure cinematic genius, Alpha Dog, this weekend. Because I’d lost a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. This movie was plum awful. I can’t believe Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis agreed to be in it (albeit in very small roles). The good: lots of Justin Timberlake sans shirt. The bad: a plethora of tattoos, bad language and just all around disgusting, violent behavior. I understand that it’s a movie about drug dealers, but there’s a way to portray that with zero class and way to portray that with a bit of class and this was definitely classLESS. It was also disturbing as heck.

And yet, with regard to JT’s acting, I noticed something very interesting. This movie was TOTALLY his Crossroads. You know, the 2002 flop, AKA Britney’s breakout movie role? JT made SO much fun of her for agreeing to be in that movie which was so bad it was good. It may or may not compose part of my DVD collection. While I applaud his effort and understand that he’s a musical phenom and not so much an actor, I have to say that I was seriously unimpressed by his thespian debut. His one saving grace was being lucky enough to have received all the funny lines in the movie. It seems to me he took this opportunity to showcase his sub par acting as a way to redeem Britney’s performance and maybe it was the ultimate sacrifice to put them on the same playing field once again.

I mean, that explains it, right? Because I can’t think of a single other reason.

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