Indie Beauty Spotlight: Clionadh Cosmetics

Revolutionizing the World of Multichrome Beauty

I’m in a committed relationship with eyeshadow. And, when I tried Clionadh Cosmetics’ Stained Glass Collection I knew this love was forever.

The Clionadh formula is unlike anything I have ever seen. Their Stained Glass Collection is a huge collection of eyeshadows that are all multichrome, meaning they shift between several different colors (like duochrome but on steroids). The true revolution of the Stained Glass Collection comes in the fact that they have not only to they offer the industry usual jewel-toned multichrome, they have created 8 other multichrome formulas from glitter to iridescent to pastel.

Plus, while most of the interesting shades the beauty industry had to offer traditionally came in loose pigment form, Clionadh shadows are pressed so they are more beginner-friendly and generally less messy.

I currently own 16 shadows from Clionadh, and have already placed another order for 9 more. You can see swatches of my current collection below.

Jeweled Multichromes: These are the classic jewel-tones multichromes. They are stunningly reflective and have a deep black base to make the pigment stand out. L-R: Smoulder, Trefoil, Anneal, Castle, Gargoyle, Patina

Iridescent Multichromes: Unlike the jeweled multichromes, iridescent multichromes have a white base and shift between different colors. These are great as toppers to take other shimmer eyeshadows to the next level. These are also great in the inner corner for a highlight. L-R: Reflectance, Candela, Ray

Iridescent Glitter Multichromes: While the normal iridescent multichromes are smooth in texture, these iridescent glitter multichromes are glittery and pack an intense punch. Shade swatched: Glow.

Glitter Multichromes: My favorite formula from the brand, the glitter multichromes are dazzlingly glittery and are best applies over glitter glue. L-R: Glazed, Tracery, Enamel, Ciel, Ripple, Abrasion.

I asked the founders of Clionadh Cosmetics—Leigh and Maggie—a few questions about their brand and journey, and here were their responses:

Q: What inspired you to start your brand and what have you learned along the way?

A: Maggie and I (Leigh) were consumers of indie brands before we ever started our own company. We loved the creativity and passion that went into them. Both of us have very artistic backgrounds, so it was a good fit. We jumped in feet first, upon graduating from university in 2016. And what started out as a fun hobby quickly grew into a full-time job.

We have learned so much since starting this business. Too much to list everything. Recently though, as we started to hire and expand our team, Maggie and I have had to learn to let go a bit and delegate responsibility. This business is so personal to us; we used to have our hands involved in every aspect since inception. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible any longer with the workload. But we have a wonderful group of people who help us get everything accomplished.

Q: What is your favorite product you’ve created?

A: If you ask Maggie, her answer will change daily. The Stained Glass Collection was her brainchild and probably the collection we are most proud of. So much research, time and effort went into it, and the end results have been amazing. This collection opened up a lot of doors for us.

As for me, sometimes it’s very hard to choose when you have so many shades you love. But if I had to pick some single shadows that really stand out to me, Chamomile, Honeycomb and Wildfire are in my top.

Q: Are there any new products or lines you’re excited to create in the future?

A: Maggie and I actually have been working on a collaboration project with a small influencer for well over a year. We are very excited to get this launched. No teasers yet, but this will be our next big collection.

We are also really looking forward to bringing out products that are completely new to our brand. We have been trialing new items for a while, so we look forward to coming out with those out in the near future as well.

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