5 Rules For Life: Tammy Fender

I’m thrilled to welcome the latest subject of the 5 Rules For Life treatment, Tammy Fender! Esthetician extraordinaire Tammy is famous for her signature facials, post-op healing treatments, and personalized services after opening the doors of her Palm Beach atelier many years ago. With over 25 years of extensive experience in botany, aromatherapy, medical science and chemistry along with her own personal commitment to a healthy holistic lifestyle, she began creating signature skincare products to address the individual needs of her devoted clients. 

She was also an early adopter of natural skincare. Before all things clean beauty were de rigueur, Tammy established a refined, holistic beauty philosophy that takes into account the well-being of a person as a whole, using organic, food-grade ingredients combined to bring both the external and internal into balance. Her unique approach spread by word of mouth, and women all over the world began requesting her healing products. Tammy now offers her coveted blends to everyone, everywhere, changing the way people view and care for their skin.

Here, she shares her 5 Rules for Life, in her words.

  1. Simplify first. Sometimes taking good care of ourselves can seem like a daunting task, but I’ve seen that when we simplify our routines–instead of adding in more–it can have amazing results. That might mean looking for skincare products that multitask (my favorite is Epi Peel, our exfoliating mask and peel all-in-one), or skincare formulas that use simple natural ingredients, or reducing the to-do list in order to create space for downtime. 
  2. Live holistically. For me, true beauty emanates from within, and comes as a result of the holistic lifestyle, which includes eating delicious food in its most natural and pure state (raw vegetables and fruits!), getting plenty of sleep and rest, and using skincare products blended with pure, natural plant remedies. There is no quick-fix, but most people find these lifestyle shifts incredibly rewarding.
  3. Be in connection. For me it’s a priority to live in connection with my friends and family, always making time for dinner together, but also prioritizing time in nature. The time that I spend out in nature fuels everything else that I do. 
  4. Work at nature’s pace. Working with plant remedies is incredibly rewarding— see amazing transformations in my clients every day. It is a great reminder that that nature has its own rhythm and pace, and that when we are in sync with it, we are at our best.
  5. Let intuition lead. Each morning, very early, I sit in contemplation and let my intuition guide me towards what is needed for the day. This practice is so simple, but it’s also deeply nourishing. I’m grateful for the silence and the mystery of following these inspirations.

Thank you, Tammy! Stay tuned for more Five Rules installments.

 “5 Rules For Life” is a series on Rouge18 in which I ask others to share their five rules for life about anything and everything. You can learn a lot about a person by reading which five things govern their actions, no? 

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