The Case For Infrared Saunas

After a month of non-stop travel, I have a new go-to jet-lag cure: Higher Dose. With multiple locations around NYC (I like the 11 Howard Street one the most because they have showers) it’s easy to pop in for a sweat session.  In 30- or 60-minute “doses,” you can reap the benefits of infrared.

Infrared therapy is known to assist with detoxification, relaxation, burning calories, pain relief, anti-aging, skin purification, cell health, and improved circulation. That’s why infrared saunas are loved by so many health and wellness experts. Gabby Bernstein loves them, and so do the Sakara founders! Apparently Jennifer Aniston had one installed in her house for her and her hubby (RIP their marriage).

I’d suggest starting with a 30-minute session before jumping into the hour-long session. Infrared saunas heat your body up faster than regular saunas, so expect to sweat—a lot (which I personally love). But the best part of a sauna sesh? A phone-free hour that will do wonders for your mental health. Namaste. Namasweat.
Full Dose (60 Minutes): 1 Person: $65; 2 People: $80.

Quick Dose (30 Minutes): 1 Person: $45; 2 People: $60.

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