Your Summer Nail Report


For stunningly subtle color, look no further than the special JinSoon Sheer Gloss Summer 2017 collection. Dew is a sheer white nail gloss, Pixie is a sheer pink, and Mist is a fairy dust topping with white and gold shimmer. They’re a throwback to a simpler nail time and I’m here for it, frankly. $18 each,



Apply Sally Hansen Moisture Rehab to your nails overnight to address splitting, peeling or just plain dry talons. $8, Target.
Don’t Care
Or you can just say eff it and indulge in a non-DIY at Sundays Nail Studio, my new favorite manicure/pedicure haunt. The Flatiron nontoxic nail salon boasts vegan polish offerings in beautiful muted tones. Get into it: 51 East 25th Street in New York City.

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  1. Polish Perfect

    I like minimalist and simple nail art in summer. Negative space design is also one of my favorites and white polish is the perfect choice for it. For long day on the beach, nude tones are the best because if nail polish gets chipped it won’t be so much noticeable


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