Fictional Fragrance Fan: Eliva Hancock

The minute I opened my sample of the exquisite L’eau For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, it was JUST so obvious. It was a-bunny-eating-carrot obvious, in fact. This sultry, steamy scent boasts a torrid quality that’s urban and insanely glamorous. And friends, that combo is exemplified by only one person and that is one Miss Elvira Hancock of Scarface. Specifically (because we’re feinschmeckers here; who else would assign fictional characters fragrances?) BEFORE she became Mrs. Tony Montana. Regular readers know it’s rare that even three months pass without any mention of everyone’s favorite fictional frequenter of the Babylon Club.

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The chicest fictional resident Miami’s ever known would slay the scene in this iconic sensual fragrance. The Baltimore native busts pretty incredible dance moves as exhibited in this epic clip. I recently had the SICK opportunity to sit down with Narciso Rodriguez himself to discuss everything from his favorite piece he’s designed (ever) to the creation of his latest perfume with notes of roses, peonies and lily of the valley. Because I recognize that my Fictitious Fragrance Fan assignments are subjective, I asked him if he would agree that Elvira would totally wear the scent and to my relief slash delight, he was totally on board. Said Rodriguez, “Who was more extraordinary and beautiful than Elvira Hancock? I was just talking about her to my assistant the other day. She’s too young to have lived that moment of the backless dress down to here [gestures to his lower back] with every vertebrae showing. That was such an amazing image. She’s a beautiful woman and such a great actress. I’m flattered!” I mean, just take a look at Elvira in this scene.

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Narciso Rodriguez is the sultan of sartorial design skill, for the uninitiated. Let’s not forget that when the late Carolyn Bessette married the world’s most eligible bachelor, JFK Jr. (at 32, by the by–I so love that), she did it in a Narciso Rodriguez gown. Said Rodriguez, “It was my favorite piece I’ve created to date. It transcended the work. It had great personal meaning to me.”

Here’s a little Q&A with the famed designer.

BBJ: Tell us a little about L’Eau For Her. 
NR: L’eau is a great addition to the family. For Her is addictive, warm, intoxicating and based on qualities of musk, which are so sensual and different. The bar was set really high for this latest scent. I wanted it to be iconic. Whether it’s accessories or womenswear, I’m always looking for things that are thoughtful and well designed and designed to last.  L’eau needed to have the same warmth, sensuality but expressed in a veil. The veil needs to be about the body and the scent of skin in a light way.

BBJ: Who is the woman who wears it? 
NR: The woman brings it to life; her personality is what you see first. Fragrance wasn’t meant to be overpowering or overshadowing any part of the woman. A lot of love and passion went into that fragrance and we got a lot of love back.

BBJ: What distinguishes L’Eau from For Her? 
NR: L’eau is more playful, a bit younger, younger side of the same woman, even. Maybe she’s the girl who takes off her wool and the sun is shining and you have a different version of yourself.

Narciso Rodriguez L’eau For Her is available here.

Welcome to R18 series, Fictitious Fragrance Fans. Fragrance is one of the most difficult areas of beauty to discuss and I find myself trying to convey a scent to you, more often than not, by the pop culture character it embodies to me. So why not make it a thing? 

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