The Top 9 Beauty Moments Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 4

Did we watch “Orange Is The New Black” season 4, friends? It was DARK, but good. I’m still reeling the developments in the last couple episodes and we need to discuss once you’ve caught up. In the meantime, here, the top beauty moments of the season.

  1. would-you-like-more-chang-in-your-lifeWhen Chang seized her opportunity for a solo shower so she could “deep conditioner pack” in peace. It “replenishes luster and shine.”
  2. jackie-cruzWhen Flaca explained to a new inmate that her “tears” are makeup, not tattoos.
  3. 618a65d4fd335ddc695d1faa14bddb5bWhen Maritza explains that a ponytail is a natural facelift.
  4. 3043E66200000578-3403967-image-a-26_1453066013696When Morello drops some knowledge about the advent of waterproof makeup, “so you never have to take it off now.” Side note: She acted no differently post-wedding than your average irritating, just-married high school friend of yours would on Facebook, no?
  5. oitnb_nickyNicky’s “updo” at the salon. “Vidal Sassoon’s got nothing on you,” Red quipped.
  6. 8x 3x Chrome Magnifying Mirror Sm_LRGThe mysterious disappearance of Red’s makeup mirror.
  7. 16-oitnb-9.w529.h352“I’m a mammal,” Blanca says, as she de-Frieda Kahlos in the kitchen. See also: Her eau de crustacean that causes such a ruckus at the prison.
  8. image (2)Aleida’s brief but functional nail salon.
  9. IMG_7290Maritza and Flaca do skin prep by donning masks before the press comes to cover an incident at Litchfield.

What did you think of this season? Tell me everything in the comments.

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