Jin Soon’s Guide To Modern Easter Nail Art


JINsoon Painted Ladies CollectionGet into the new Jin Soon Painted Ladies collection for spring, a suite of lacquers I have no doubt “Fuller House'”s D.J. Fuller would don on her fingers and tootsies. Here, founder Jin Soon Choi’s easy Easter nail art tutorial below.

Step-1-Power Coat

Step 1: Apply JINsoon Power coat

Step-2-KeppelStep 2: Apply two coats of JINsoon Keppel

Step-2.5-SinopiaStep 3: Using JINsoon Sinopia with a striping brush draw a curve at a slight diagonal  to mark where you want the shape to start. Fill in the created shape with the color.

Step-3-SinopiaStep 4-5: Repeat step 3 with Ube


and Aero. Tip: You can change up the colors in the order that you prefer.



Step 6: Finish the look with Top Gloss.


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