Introducing The JINsoon Dandizette Collection

Props to Jin Soon for educating us all that there even ARE female dandies. Did you know? And spoiler, they’re called dandizettes, the inspiration for her so-called collection.


My hand, captured by the JINIUS Jin Soon Choi, showcasing the Toff shade.

Dandizettes commonly used their appearances as a form of expression to rebel against the expected, adding a fun twist to traditional women’s fashion. This concept inspired Jin Soon Choi to create the fall collection of five distinctive shades. Each shade is rich yet restrained and abundant in pigmentation, certainly making a statement in true Dandizette fashion.


  • Beau (teal blue) Rich and eccentric, a versatile classic-mod blend of teal and blue
  • Heroine (deep cherry red) Feminine and strong, a deep purplish-red reminiscent of Claret wine
  • Moxie (muted pink) Subtle and glamorous, a calm and charming dusty rose shade
  • Toff (cacao brown) Dark and delicious like the shade of cocoa beans, a rich brown that marks a new seasonal trend
  • Dandy (blue-purple) Melancholy and hip, a moody blue-purple that has the makings of a cult favorite

The JINsoon Dandizette collection retails for $18 each; available at JINsoon Hand & Foot Spas, SpaceNK,  and

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