My New Jewelry Obsession


Credit: Goop Instagram

It’s funny, now that I rarely buy beauty products (though it does happen on occasion), every year, I transfer my retail obsession to a different niche. One year it was lingerie, another jackets, housewares and so on. For eons, my love of microscopic, delicate gold jewelry had to be contained out of necessity — few brands offered much in the way of teensy things. It seems, however, that 2016 is the year of the delicate jewelry explosion and I’ve become enamored of so many new brands, to the point where jewelry is officially this year’s therapeutic splurge.

After seeing this stunning Tuleste Mini Star Bracelet on the Goop Instagram feed, I fell hard and fast (I also have fallen hard and fast for the new Goop skin care, but that’s a post for another time — stay tuned). I ordered that bracelet within hours on the Tuleste site and was so pleased with the consumer experience. My bracelet was HAND DELIVERED hours later with an adorable thank-you card included. I highly recommend checking out the brand’s other offerings on


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