Fictitious Fragrance Fan: Patty Chase Of ‘My So-called Life’


In the ’90s, EVERYONE smelled like Shampure. If you were into salon hair care (remember when that was even a thing?), chances are, if you went to a salon in suburban Pennsylvania in the ’90s, you were donning a lot of Aveda’s finest, and that always included a wash and condition with Shampure. Patty lived outside of Pittsburgh and was in her 40s; I was in my teens in suburban Philadelphia, but I feel we would have had this in common. No doubt this purveyor of swabs with a deep and real commitment to being prety would appreciate the ‘pure. I’d posit she got into the stuff when she went for her pert pixie mid-season (alas, just one season).

IMG_4641Like Patty herself, the spa-like scent is soothing, unobtrusive but not too sweet. 2015 Patty would be thrilled by Shampure’s latest edition to the franchise, a non-aerosol dry shampoo. It boasts the aroma we all know and love, plus natural powders that absorb excess oil and impurities when you, like Patty, don’t have time to shampoo every day with your working mom schedule. Its tiny size means it will pack well for your Thanksgiving travels, plus you can even score a refill for less. $30 for 60ml bottle, $26 for a refill, available November 1 at and at spas and stores.

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