How To Score Jane Krakowski’s Emmy’s Bardot-esque Chignon

Jane+Krakowski+67th+Annual+Primetime+Emmy+R8c3_-3wzC5lChris McMillan for Living Proof created Jane Krakowski’s epic Bardot-esque style last night, which is why she was totally having a personal beauty best moment. Says Chris, “I gave Jane a few options for tonight’s look, but as it’s about 100 degrees in LA, we thought it best to put her hair up to keep her cool!

The look is really textured, a little Bardot-esque. One of my newest tricks is to start by applying Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector to wet hair before a blowout for a beautiful, smooth look. I always make sure to spray Flex Shaping Hairspray at the crown as I blowdry for extra volume and a root lift.  Blow out hair using different-sized round brushes for wavy texture. Start pulling random sections back and pin in place. Work Amp into hand and work throughout, layering in sections for easy texture. Tuck one side behind ear and pin and place.

We loved that the hair is a bit asymmetrical because the dress is so symmetrical and structured. Leave a few pieces of hair out to achieve a cool, laid-back final look. Spray Flex throughout to finish.”

What do you think of this look on Jane Krakowski?

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