Kendall Jenner For #MyCalvins + More: 5 Things To Read On The Web Now

kendall-jenner-calvin-klein-00Following in the footsteps of one Ms. Brooke Shields, Kendall Jenner is the new face of #MyCalvins [Teen Vogue]

Zayn Malik believes in two directions, it seems. He’s split ways with the boy band (One Direction, obv) [Cosmopolitan]

Simon Doonan’s treatise on charm is worth reading, especially in our current cultural climate where people who contribute nothing to a conversation expect to be entertained, despite having zero to do with books, movies, TV or art [Slate]

My gal Rachel Hollis took a pic in her bikini post 3 babies and is blowing up all over the scene! Cheers to her and her courage to unveil her REAL bikini bod [People]

Kate Middleton rocked Barbie pink before giving birth [Lucky Shops]

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