LORAC Cobra Mascara Is Dangerously Effective

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ME: “Cobra Mascara?!” LORAC: “Yeah girl, look at that brush!” LORAC Cobra Mascara‘s ($21) brush is mega-cool: shaped like a cobra hood with stiff bristles spiraling down the brush, this baby is definitely unique.  There is a well on the underside of the brush that holds a lot of product so coat one goes on with a vengeance.  I see length, volume, thickness and dare-I-say, curl.

lorac-flake-proof-cobra-mascaraThere’s a lot of density at the root and nice taper at the tips.  Coat two subtly clumps my lashes together (in a good way) and shockingly my tips stay tapered and subtle.  My lashes were a little dry by midday so I didn’t attempt a touch-up, but didn’t really need one.  Because the formula is so inky, my lashes required a little elbow grease (orrrr eye makeup remover) at the end of the night.  For once, a cheeky concept has resulted in a really great mascara.

Buy this one!

—Ashleigh Ciucci

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