The Bra To End All Other Bras


Blanche Devereaux famously didn’t wear underwear at all (“Why paint the peacock?” was her stance), but buying new undergarments ranks high on my list of little luxuries. And not to be dramatic, but I don’t give a flying eff about any of my other bras right now. Warner’s Your Bra Full Coverage Underwire Bra ($24) is the business. Carol introduced me to this wondrous T-shirt bra, so comfortable, I take it off post midnight, when I’m changing into my pajamas, instead of circa 7pm while I’m opening my front door to come in for the night.

We've come such a long way from these.

We’ve come such a long way from these.

Carol bought a couple of these at Macy’s in Herald Square (brave, this introvert hasn’t gone into that joint since 2003) when she was staying at my apartment with my dad and realized she’d forgotten to pack any bras (terrible packing skills run in the family; I always forget one vital thing a trip). This bra creates a good shape, minimizes back fat (no thanks, back fat) and is comfortable as all get-out. I’m planning to buy an entire wardrobe of them in a few shades.

Don’t forget: Stylist Felix Mercado recommends replacing your bras every 6-9 months.

Have you tried this bra? Tell me what you’re loving in the comments.

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