This Salicylic Acid-Spiked Oil Is A Game Changer

The thing is, I want to like oils but often, they don’t like me. My oily, acne- and clog-prone skin doesn’t need any help in the sebum production department. BUT, in the colder months, my skin can use the extra moisture boost from oils, and while I love a serum, an oil really makes more of a difference with regard to hydration. The answer is Sunday Riley U.F.O. Oil ($134).


Like Hillary Whitney to C.C. Blum, its surreptitious salicylic acid content is the wind beneath my wings. Side note: That movie STILL manages to move me, despite my unsubscribing from the concept of a best friend entirely a couple years ago. I’ve progressed from espousing “The Mindy Project”‘s Mindy Lahiri’s sentiments (“best friend is a tier, not a person.”) to “Fresh Off The Boat'”s Jessica Huang’s stance, which is that the concept of a best friend is a “myth Hello Kitty made up to sell more Hello Kitty.” My point is that this salicylic acid effectively cancels out any acne-causing drama that would definitely ensue from an oil so I can reap the anti-aging benefits.

It’s a win-win.

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