Spring Detox: Cleanse Plus

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Since completing the Dr.Lipman Be Well Cleanse, Amber has been all about the almond milk, and since I basically do everything she does, I’ve also been riding the no-dairy train. And the best way to jump on board is to try his amped up Cleanse Plus- a gluten-free/dairy-free dietary reset.. This new version includes glutathione to intensify the detoxification process, and probiotics to supercharge digestive support.

Glutathione neutralizes free radicals, has anti-viral properties to boost immunity, and detoxifies the liver. It also reduces inflammation, benefiting every cell and system in the body. Probiotics are the naturally occurring good bacteria that live in your gut. They aid in digestion, prevent growth of unhealthy bacteria and boost the immune system.

For 14 days you follow the traditional cleanse with the additions in bold: 

• Early morning shake +  teaspoon of probiotic powder
• Mid-morning shake
• Lunch – light meal together with pill pack + 2 Glutathione capsules
• Mid-afternoon shake
• Dinner – light meal together with pill pack + 2 Glutathione capsules

As you can see, this cleanse involves eating ( YAY!) and is a simple way to hit reset this spring.

The 14-day Dr. Frank Lipman BE WELL CLEANSE PLUS is available online at www.bewellbydrfranklipman.com for $329. 

–Julia Casella

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