'Breaking Boston' Beauty Inspiration: Courtney And Noelle

BOSTONThe Boston aesthetic has been done before (hello, Blake Lively in The Town) but never like this. Breaking Boston, which premiered last week on A&E has brought me back to my Massachusetts roots and made me revaluate my whole look. Courtney and Noelle are drop-dead gorgeous and while their French-manicured nails are questionable, everything else about them is flawless. Here’s my guide to getting Boston beautiful. Drink your wine like Noelle and her mothah and read up on your Beantown beauty guide.

Self Tanner

This is step #1 because as Amber and I discussed during our last trip, the sky is always grey in Boston. So it’s tanning bed or self-tanner. You choose your choice.  Kate Somerville and St. Tropez are two of the best.

Eyeliner/Fake lashes/Mascara

Smokey eye, all day, every day. You need a mix of liquid (Lancome Artliner) and pencil liner (Makeup For Ever Aqua Eyes) and layers and layers of mascara. Try Yes They’re Real and Better Than Sex.

Nude lips

My favorite nude is the limited edition Carine Roitfield Tropical Mist M.A.C lipstick, but Myth or Creme de Nude also balance the dark eye with the perfect sexy pout.


I think that these big waves are best achieved by using big curlers and then shaking you hair letting the curl slowly fall during the day. I love the ones from Conair.

Hair Spray

Not only does this look NEED hairspray, it needs one that smells good and holds those Kim K curls in place. Also let’s all take a minute to realize that girls from Boston were Kim K before Kim was Kim. Okay?



Malboro Lights: I’m not advocating smoking and as Noelle’s mother points out, smoking causes mouth wrinkles. But Noelle know what’s up and says she is just going to get Botox.

Hoop Earrings: No Regina-George-white-hoop drama here. These girls are yellow gold all the way. They bought their hoops at Filene’s Basement (R.I.P.) when they were in middle school and have been wearing them ever since.

Dunkins: I didn’t see any of the girls drinking Dunkins this episode, but just wait. I know they will be sipping on iced french vanilla coffees as soon as the weather warms up.

Also check out Shit Boston Guys Say.

Are you watching this show or what?

–Julia Casella

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